Susan & Ron Greenspan

We are delighted that you are considering joining us at the 41st annual Sun Valley Museum of Art Wine Auction. Recognizing that there are many worthy causes and exciting places to visit, we appreciate that you are considering partaking in the wonderful attractions of the world-famous Sun Valley area and supporting the vital cultural experiences and arts education enabled by Sun Valley Museum of Art.


​We fell in love with the Wood River Valley the first time we visited in 2008—and bought a house on our third day here! Each year thereafter we spent more time in the valley and, four years ago, made Sun Valley our primary residence. Little did we know that the world would soon experience a once-in-a-century pandemic and thousands of others would also discover how idyllic life is here. 

​One of the things that makes this rural corner of America more complete and enlightening for everyone who visits or lives here is SVMoA. 

It is the leading arts educator and producer of cultural programs in the valley—in the visual arts, performing arts, humanities and education—reaching both a wide range of adults and every student in the county through its programs. Moreover, The Museum, through its BIG IDEA programming, dares to ask tough questions and challenges its audiences to open their minds, think creatively and potentially challenge the status quo—all without a preconceived position other than that each of us is a worthy individual with our own viewpoints.


​The Sun Valley Wine Auction provides half the annual operating budget for The Museum—and for that our entire community thanks you, our very generous patrons and contributors. In return, we hope to produce a fun, educational, and unique experience for you, our guests. We invite you to enjoy the unspoiled outdoors of our beautiful surroundings, the enhanced culinary and educational components of this year’s Wine Auction, and the artisanal products of our treasured vintners. As well as the incredible friendliness of our community.



We hope you return for many years or— perhaps—join us as grateful residents!


Sun Valley Museum of Art Staff

Jennifer Wells Green—Executive Director

Holly Bornemeier—Marketing Director

Conor Boyle—Development Coordinator 

Peter Burke—Development & Wine Auction Director

Kristine Bretall—Performing Arts & Lectures Director

Sophie Sawyers—Education Director

Allison Fluetsch—Administrative Assistant

Brooke Fullmer—Financial Officer

Courtney Gilbert—Chief Curator

Sue Heaphy—Finance Associate 

David Janeski—Database Administrator

Kristen Kent—Education Associate

Jeanne Knott—Adult Education Coordinator

Ava Scalan—Communications & PR Manager
Katherine Stoecklein—Operations Manager

Kagen Albright—Summer Events Coordinator 

Jimmy Avila—Summer Events Assistant 

Grace Bloomfield -- Summer Events Intern 

Hope Worcester -- Summer Events Intern


Sun Valley Museum of Art
2022 Wine Auction Committee

Susan & Ronald Greenspan 


Trish & Dave Wilson 
Tedde & Jim Reid 
Jake Bilbro 
Carol Swig
Andrea Laporte
Colleen Buckley-Reynolds
Krista Lida Simor
Katie Lewis 
Allison Speer 
Kelly Corroon
Bradley Geist – Sommelier 
Rodrigo Herrera 
Amy Edgy 
Jeanne Meyers 
Constance Lawton 
Corry Clayville

Sun Valley Museum of Art Advisory Council

Kathy Abelson

Ruth Bloom

Michael Engl

Marybeth Flower
Philip Isles

Glenn Janss

Carol Nie

Van Gordon Sauter
Roselyne Swig

Patricia Wilson

Jeri L. Wolfson

Sun Valley Museum of Art Board of Directors

Andrea (Andie) Laporte—President
Ron Greenspan—Vice President 
Ellen James—Secretary 
Linda Nicholson—Treasurer 


Kelly Corroon
Adam Elias
Ellen Gillespie
Nancy Goldstein
Anita (Kay) Hardy
Caroline Hobbs
Barbara Lehman
Wendy Pesky
Trina Peters
Jim Reid
Joan Gillespie Swift
Sarah Woodward