2020 Vintner Dinners

VINTNER DINNER 3. Past, Present & Future with Blue Farm, Lombardi & Three Sticks

With a nod to Ketchum’s history and a glimpse at the future of both winemaking and gastronomy, join longtime SVMoA patron Carol Swig at the Sun Valley Culinary Institute in sampling and celebrating a selection of lesser-known, small-batch vintages from Blue Farm Wines, Lombardi Wines and Three Sticks Wines. Partake in a menu of locally sourced, seasonal delights from Ketchum’s own James Beard Award nominee, Taite Pearson, while you taste the fruits of these three artisanal wineries, all while enjoying the home of the newly unveiled Sun Valley Culinary Institute located in the historic Cornerstone Building in downtown Ketchum.

BLUE FARM WINES Unlike many of the other established wineries at the Wine Auction, Blue Farm Wines began as a “winegrowing project” in 2007 by Donum Estate president and winegrower Anne Moller-Racke. Started on Moller-Racke’s seven-acre home vineyard in Sonoma with friend Tim Mott and winemaker Kenneth Juhasz, the small vineyard is planted with a mixture of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay clones. Blue Farm wines are unique for the care given to growing these select grapes. These small-lot, single vineyard wines are available through Blue Farm Wines membership, directly from the winery and at select restaurants and wine shops.

LOMBARDI WINES Launched in 2013, Lombardi Wines began as a passion project of husband and wife duo Tony and Christine Lombardi. When he began Lombardi Wines, Tony was working as Director of Brand Management and Public Relations at the iconic Kosta Browne Winery. Tony left Kosta Browne in 2015 to focus on Lombardi Wines and other wine projects. Lombardi Wines produces small lots of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Sonoma county with the help of winemaker Cabell Coursey. Their Pinot Noir is crafted with care from a family of growers in Petaluma, where the Lombardi family has been since 1947.

THREE STICKS WINES A boutique, family-owned winery producing wines of world-class quality, Three Sticks Wines was founded in 2002 by owner William S. Price III. Named for Price’s surfing nickname “Billy Three Sticks,” Three Sticks Wines’ philosophy is to produce wines of world-class quality from their exceptional estate properties including Durrell Vineyard, Gap’s Crown Vineyard, and Walala Vineyard on the Sonoma Coast. Led by veteran winemaker Bob Cabral, Three Sticks produces craft, small-lot, artisanal wines created with the intention of bringing people together.

TAITE PEARSON Local chef Taite Pearson brings more than 20 years of professional culinary experience to this Vintner Dinner. A James Beard Award nominee, Pearson has worked for some of the most famous chefs in the world, including Chicago’s Charlie Trotter and France’s Joël Robuchon. In Idaho, Pearson has been the chef of many local restaurants and has made a name for himself in Sun Valley’s culinary scene for his attention to detail and use of locally sourced, seasonal fare.

CAROL SWIG For emeritus Wine Auction Chair Carol Swig, the arts are everything. Carol, a proud mother of four and grandmother of two (with two more on the way!), has worn many hats in the course of her professional career, from chef to concert promoter to social worker. Fully certified in equine therapy, Carol has also studied at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and has worked with war veterans, at-risk teens and abused children and adults using alternative modalities for trauma therapy. A master needle artist and knitter, Carol, who sits on the board of Sun Valley Culinary Institute, has been a long-time patron of SVMoA and a vocal advocate for The Museum’s arts and education initiatives. “It’s one of the most important things for me to support,” she says. “Without the arts, our lives would be black and white.”

Carol Swig | Blue Farm Wines | Lombardi Wines | Three Sticks Wines

Taite Pearson

1 seat to the September 14, 2020 Vintner Dinner



TERMS & RESTRICTIONS: To be redeemed Monday, September 14, 2020.

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