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I have not received the colored stickers from SVMoA, but would like to ship my wines now. May I do so?

Yes! The colored stickers help our wine inventory coordinators to make sure wines get to the correct locations. We’re happy for you to ship your wines without these, but please clearly mark on the outside of each box which event that box of wine is intended for. For example, “Wine Walk” or “Vintner Dinner.”

I would like to have our wines at the Wine Walk but we will not have a winery rep to pour. Are you able to pour wines for us?

We believe that your wines will be best represented by you, and encourage you to pour your own wines if possible. If you’re unable to attend but have an Idaho distributor, we recommend reaching out to them to see if they can help. We may be able to assign a volunteer to pour wines for you, but have limited volunteers we can assign to this duty.


What happens to any leftover wines at the end of the event?

We take great care to only request enough wine for the events of the Wine Auction. In the case of extra wine, these are taken to SVMoA’s temperature-controlled wine storage facility, and used to benefit SVMoA’s events year round, including patron dinners, gallery tours, exhibition openings, etc. We always aim to showcase any wines being poured at events in a way that best promotes the winery.

How can I get to Sun Valley?

The nearest airport to Sun Valley is the Hailey airport, approximately 14 miles from Sun Valley resort. It is easily accessible from San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver and Portland. Boise Airport is a major hub and is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Sun Valley.

I need assistance organizing my stay in Sun Valley, are you able to help?

If you would like guidance on hotels, taxi companies, or any other aspect of your stay, please get in touch with Peter Burke at

How can I be selected to pour at a Vintner Dinner?
The selection process is based on geographical variation, participation history, quality of product, private host preferences and jury selection by the Wine Auction committee.


A Note on Health & Safety

The Wine Auction team and Museum staff are committed to the health and safety of our patrons, participants and partners. We are working hard to ensure COVID-19 protocols are adhered to at all events throughout Wine Auction week and that the recommendations of the CDC, the State of Idaho, and Blaine County/Sun Valley will be strictly followed.

Payment & Refund Policy

Registration may be paid for by check or credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa).

Due to the limited availability of passes and the charitable fundraising purpose of the event, no refunds are available.


Event Waitlist

In the likely event of a sell-out, we will place you on a waitlist for all events.

21 or Older

By law, all registrants and guests attending Wine Auction-sponsored events, must be at least 21 years of age. No one under 21, including infants and toddlers, will be admitted to any function over the course of the Wine Auction week. We recommend making childcare arrangements in advance.

Parking requirements

Valet parking will be provided for the Picnic, Live Auction & Concert evening at Trail Creek Cabin on July 21.
To arrange for a car service, please contact:
Miller’s Limo 208.720.3861
Wood River Taxi 208.788.8294

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