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Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop

Tuesday, June 27
& Wednesday, June 28

122 S Main St Ste A, Hailey, 5:30-7:30pm

$35 per session

Join Napa Valley transplants Rian and Chris Salvatierra at their new bottle shop in Hailey. Designed with the community in mind, Rian and her husband Chris, Wine Auction Sommelier, will lead you through two progressive tastings with small bites and a winemaker talk. Participating wineries to be announced soon!

More information coming soon!

Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop
is owned and operated by Rian and Christopher Salvatierra of Hailey, Idaho. The couple moved to the Wood River Valley in 2008 and worked for various restaurants. Eventually, they landed at S&C Importers, a local wine and beer distributor, deepening their passion for wine. After six years in the valley, Rian and Chris relocated to Napa Valley, where they had initially met, to pursue careers in the winery business. In October 2020, they returned to their beloved Wood River Valley and have since planted Roots.


Born in Washington, DC, Chris Salvatierra made his way west after serving in the Army to attend the University of Arizona. His undying passion for food and wine led him to Napa Valley, where he served and bartended in highly regarded restaurants with extensive wine programs. In 2008, Chris moved to the Wood River Valley, spent time working in restaurants, and ultimately landed a sales role at S&C Wines. In 2013, Chris obtained his Sommelier certification, and he and his wife, Rian, moved back to Napa, where he accepted a role managing hospitality at Round Pond Estate. He later became the Hospitality Manager at Continuum Estate, working closely with the Mondavi Family in the winery and estate house.

In October 2020, Chris was offered an opportunity back in the Wood River Valley to take over for his mentor at S&C as Sales Manager and on-premises specialist. Knowing he and Rian would raise their children in Hailey, they decided to plant roots in the valley. Together they opened Roots Wine Bar & Bottle Shop in 2022. The reflection of a dream years in the making, Roots is fueled by combined experiences in the world of food and wine.

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